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Design and Product Collaboration across the world can be challenging especially if you are working in distributed team that spans geography and locations. You may have experienced this before when developing designs which makes communication, synchronization, planning, managing file versions complex. TeamPlatform is a platform for your design team, engineering team, mechanical CAD team, or 3D printing and scanning services team.

  • Cloud File Sharing

    Share the right file with the right person and confirm on-time delivery. Get instant online-previews of more than 135+ file formats including video, docs and 3D without leaving the web-browser.

  • Project Management

    Keep project stakeholders up-to-date in workspaces and use essential planning, task updates and notification capabilities to enable early, deep and voluntary engagement.

  • 3D Data Central

    Powerful search and automatic assembly tracking are just a few of the tools that make working with CAD and 3D more productive for product design, Geomagic Software, 3D scanning and 3D printing.

  • Fast Collaboration

    It’s incredibly easy to communicate precisely with your team, partners or clients. Comment on revisions, track changes,add markup and view files with just a browser.

  • Guest Permissions

    Improve communications with your partners, customers and prospects with a professional, self-serviceable portal where you can also provide custom forms for RFQ.

  • Team Management

    Diverse projects, consolidated storage, a unified corporate identity, with group, member and guest account management enables strategic business planning to amplify performance.


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