Predator DNC

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Predator DNC

Predator DNC software is designed to network all of your CNC machines, robots, PLCs and part markers. Predator DNC manages your CNC programs, offsets and parameters. It supports a wide range of CNC communications for dripfeeding, downloading, and uploading via parallel, RS-232, RS-422 Ethernet and wireless Ethernet.

Why use Predator DNC?

  • 1 Network for all your CNC machines, robots, PLCs and part markers

  • Send, Receive, Dripfeed and DNC programs

  • Supports Wireless, Ethernet, RS-232 and Parallel I/O

  • Improve CNC program revision control

  • Eliminate walking back and forth works from your CNC

  • Use your existing ERP and MES bar coded paperwork


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