Manufacturing Services

Foundry Tooling

Foundry tooling, also known as foundry patterns and permanent molds, are a necessary in the production of metal castings. The tooling creates the shape in the sand that will eventually create the part.

In recent years new materials and techniques have drastically changed the pattern making industry.

CNC Machining

CNC machining is a type of subtractive manufacturing process. At Nielsen Enterprises we use Cutting edge CAM with ultra precise machining centers to create accurate parts quickly.

Fixtures & Jigs

Whether you are welding, milling/drilling or inspecting parts reduce setup time and cost with a custom fixture from Nielsen Enterprises.

Rapid Prototyping

We specialize in producing CNC machined, cast and 3D printed prototypes. With a full assortment of materials in as little as a day.

CAD Design services

Have an idea or napkin sketch, we can create the necessary 2D or 3D files required for manufacturing or aquiring a patent.

Reverse Engineering

Need to reproduce a part, Whether simple or complex we have the required hardware and software to create a highly accurate 3D model(s) all we need is your existing part.