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Geomagic Control X

With Geomagic Control X quality managers are enabled with revolutionary ease-of-use, intuitive, comprehensive controls and traceable, repeatable workflows for the quality measurement process. Its fast, precise, information-rich reporting and analysis enable significant productivity and quality gains in any manufacturing workflow.™

  • Support for All Industry-standard Hardware Devices and Extensive File Import Support

    Streamline your workflow, incorporate quality inspection and deliver products to market faster with the power of 3D Systems’ complete digital thread. Geomagic Capture delivers a bridge between physical parts and digital software tools for rapid design, engineering, production and quality control. Bring physical objects to CAD, recreate lost or damaged design files, verify dimensions, prepare for 3D printing and manufacture confidently.

  • Workflow-driven Processes, Walk-up Probing for Greater Productivity

    Geomagic Control X delivers easy-to-use and understandable workflows that enable walk-up probing alongside pre-planned probing for fast generation of results every time.

  • Custom Reporting Delivers Flexibility

    Report definition in Geomagic Control X is highly flexible, making customization fast and simple for each stakeholder.


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