SpaceClaim for Design

SpaceClaim for Concept & Product Design

SpaceClaim was designed from the ground up to provide a 3D modeling platform for everyone.
Strong emphasis has been put into making SpaceClaim fast, flexible, intuitive and easy to use. SpaceClaim is so easy to use that most new users do not require formal classroom training.

Key Benefits

  • Decrease time-to-market by 30% or more
  • Lower total cost of ownership, saving thousands in training
  • Produce 4-5 times the number of iterations in the same time period during the concept phase
  • Work with any geometry data, no matter where it came from - suppliers, in-house library, online resources - and merge them together in one environment
  • Collaborate in real-time with your design team in an engaging 3D environment

SpaceClaim frees users from the constraints of history-based modeling, allowing them to focus on the creative process and not on the technology. With an expanded use of 3D in this early modeling phase as well as throughout the entire product design and development workflow, SpaceClaim customers increase the number of innovative ideas and their productivity.

2D to 3D Benefits

  • Open common 2D file formats like DXF, DWG, bitmaps, and IGES
  • SpaceClaim’s 3D modeling is 4-5 times faster than traditional CAD
  • Respond to customers more quickly and provide the lowest bid
  • Sketch directly on top of 2D CAD images, it's easy to scale them to size

Whether you only have an image or a sloppy 2D drawing, SpaceClaim lets you work in the context of what you have to get new models made. if you can start with a DXF/DWG, half the work of going from 2D to 3D is already done for you.

Simulation Driven Design Benefits

  • Eliminate waste and get higher-quality products to market faster
  • Increase early phase CAE capacity to address innovation initiatives
  • Reuse existing parts and designs as a starting point for new ones, applying knowledge as you discover it in CAE
  • Change materials, design approaches, and manufacturing processes without starting from scratch
  • Save days or weeks by removing CAD bottlenecks in the CAE workflow

In typical companies there is a vicious loop involving simulation and modeling that drastically slows down new design cycles. If changes need to be made to a design during the analysis process, those changes are typically made by the design team. This can add weeks to cycle time. When the model is analyzed, any items overlooked may require another cleanup pass. This can create multiple iteration cycles between the CAE and Design team.

With SpaceClaim, the CAD model is easily simplified and de-featured. Once in SpaceClaim, additional design changes can be done by the CAE user who knows exactly what needs to be changed for design optimization. The savings in labor and elapsed time build up with each cycle by using SpaceClaim’s top of the line direct modeling tools. SpaceClaim uniquely delivers direct modeling to analysts who aren't CAD experts.

Bid Modeling Benefits

  • Merge customer data, supplier components, and in-house CAD data in one environment
  • Pinpoint product costs and enabling you to bid low while maintaining profitability
  • Reduce time-to-market by creating clear 3D specifications for the detailed-design teams
  • Enable engineers (and other non-CAD specialists) to work in 3D to support business growth
  • Reduce concept development phase of proposal by more than 60%

SpaceClaim enables customer-facing engineers to rapidly create and modify 3D models, producing better responses to RFP’s and achieving higher win rates. The SpaceClaim user interface allows both non-CAD experts and seasoned CAD professionals to add customer value by working with customers in 3D during the concept iteration and proposal phase of new business development.

SpaceClaim 3D models and renderings are invaluable tools for improving communication with prospects, speeding up your proposal process, understanding your production costs, and increasing your win ratio. SpaceClaim’s unique user interface enables engineers supporting new business development efforts to quickly create and modify 3D models to improve their proposal process