SpaceClaim Overview

SpaceClaim for Design

Whether you work in concept, product or simulation driven design you will benefit from SpaceClaim's direct modeling platform

SpaceClaim for Manufacturing

Let SpaceClaim take the hassle out of prepping geometry for manufacturing regardless of whether the model was created in-house or supplied by a customer

SpaceClaim for CAE

Simplifying geometry for simulation has never been easier. SpaceClaim's de-feature tools allows you to quickly prep geometry vastly reducing time to simulation

SpaceClaim for Reverse Engineering

SpaceClaim's hybrid modeling platform lets you work seamlessly between solids and surfacing to quickly reconstruct geometry from STL files, even if the parts are damaged or worn

SpaceClaim for 3D Printing

If you need to split, join or modify STL files our STL prep add-on has you covered

SpaceClaim Training

SpaceClaim has many free online tutorials
But if you prefer to have an instructor check out our training classes